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    4 months +

    i had a really awful panic attack in october and ever since, iíve experienced depersonalisation. in 6 months time i will be in kenya for a month without the comfort blanket of my family ! i canít seem to snap back into life and i canít bare to think of how iíll cope with dealing with depersonalisation and being in an unfamiliar setting.. any help or personal experience would be amazing to be honest

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    im afraid i have no advice to give, but wanted to assure you that you arent alone. ive found trying to keep my life as normal as possible is helping, and writing things down. just typing out my thoughts, getting exercise and fresh air. my stress and anxiety has been awful since december, mine started the same as you, a panic attack. i am awaiting counselling and on 50mg of sertraline and i do feel a lot more grounded, but not quite there yet

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    Re: 4 months +

    have you had counselling previously? or is this a new experience for you? just curious if itíd help me. iíve tried exercising but i canít help but just zone out constantly, writing hasnít been much help either

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