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Thread: Achy Legs from sitting too much.

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    Re: Achy Legs from sitting too much.

    I forgot to mention yoga. Yoga is a tremendous help to me. I think part of my recent health anxiety flare is because I got too busy to do my yoga.

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    Re: Achy Legs from sitting too much.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tosh View Post
    You guys don't have to be mean about it..
    Nobody was being mean. Fishmanpa often uses the term 'told ya so gang', but in fact it's not a gang, it's just him that uses that phrase.

    I'm trying to outline my advice to you in a 'you're being ridiculous' frame, because I want you to look at it that way too. You have outlined the cause and the solution, so thinking about leg tumours IS ridiculous, you just can't see it yet.

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    Re: Achy Legs from sitting too much.

    It is probably nothing. I've been standing and walking around more and it has helped my achy leg feeling. I'll try not to contact my doctor for little things after this. Since it is a lump, i do feel it's okay to get it checked and ruled out anything bad. It could be a knot, as I've been doing squats...well, learning how to do squats I might say lol. I was doing them wrong at first. But I'll see what he says Monday.

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