Hello all,

I will keep this as short as possible. I am 42/m, long history of GAD and depression, for which I am on medication for. My struggles with HA come and go. Right now it is at a high point.

A couple of weeks ago i was having some urinary symptoms. It was an odd sensation, like I had to pee, but really didnt have to pee (if that makes sense) Very distracting. Lasted for a day. I made an appointment with the GP. By the time of the appointment the symptoms had stopped (and hasnt returned). He did a full exam including the DRE. Everything was fine. Nothing was found. Next day I got a call saying that 3-5 RBC were found in my urine and that it could be kidney stones. Immediately i go to google and diagnose myself with bladder cancer.

So the doc ordered urine tests for a month.

Last week the test result was no blood...but positive for glucose. Great now I have bladder cancer and diabetes! Doc then orders a fasting blood test.

A few days ago I had the blood test. Results were great. No diabetes, doc admits he is puzzled as to why the glucose showed up, but probably lab error. This week's urine test showed up 1+ for blood on the dipstick, but under microscope review it was normal 0-2 rbc. Doctor says the microscope test is the one that counts, so no blood.

Technically speaking 2 of 3 of my tests have been negative for blood. but ive coninced myself the last test was actually positive for blood, even though the doctor flat out told me the microscope test is the one that counts.

in short, pretty convinced I have bladder cancer