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Thread: Blood and Bladder

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    Blood and Bladder

    Hello all,

    I will keep this as short as possible. I am 42/m, long history of GAD and depression, for which I am on medication for. My struggles with HA come and go. Right now it is at a high point.

    A couple of weeks ago i was having some urinary symptoms. It was an odd sensation, like I had to pee, but really didnt have to pee (if that makes sense) Very distracting. Lasted for a day. I made an appointment with the GP. By the time of the appointment the symptoms had stopped (and hasnt returned). He did a full exam including the DRE. Everything was fine. Nothing was found. Next day I got a call saying that 3-5 RBC were found in my urine and that it could be kidney stones. Immediately i go to google and diagnose myself with bladder cancer.

    So the doc ordered urine tests for a month.

    Last week the test result was no blood...but positive for glucose. Great now I have bladder cancer and diabetes! Doc then orders a fasting blood test.

    A few days ago I had the blood test. Results were great. No diabetes, doc admits he is puzzled as to why the glucose showed up, but probably lab error. This week's urine test showed up 1+ for blood on the dipstick, but under microscope review it was normal 0-2 rbc. Doctor says the microscope test is the one that counts, so no blood.

    Technically speaking 2 of 3 of my tests have been negative for blood. but ive coninced myself the last test was actually positive for blood, even though the doctor flat out told me the microscope test is the one that counts.

    in short, pretty convinced I have bladder cancer

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    Re: Blood and Bladder

    "doctor flat out told me the microscope test is the one that counts."
    And he is completely correct here. The dipstick test is known to be overly sensitive, and used only as an initial screening. It is always possible to have a false positive for a number of reasons (even as simple as leaving the strip in too long), which is why they do the confirmatory tests. So while the reactive agent MAY (and that even is open to interpretation) have triggered, if they don't see blood; well, there is no blood!

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    Re: Blood and Bladder

    I donít know how much comfort this will give you, but I have had a couple of incidents with visible blood in my urine. I had a CT scan and a bladder scope each time, and each time everything was OK. This has been over the course of 20 years.

    My doctor said this just happens sometimes.

    Also, Iíve had glucose in my urine before. There are lots of reasons for this besides diabetes. The most common reason is that you just ate carbs and your body hasnít had time to deal with them.

    I think youíre pretty young to have urinary tract cancer. It sounds like the doc is on top of it though.

    And, In my opinion the dipsticks are worthless. They are easy and so docs use them, but Iíve seldom had one line up with a urine test.

    Good luck to you. Health anxiety sucks.

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    Re: Blood and Bladder

    I too have had blood show up on a strip test and neg on a microscope test, those strips can give false positives. I had my test done at 20 years old, and I am soon to be 47.
    One day at a time

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    Re: Blood and Bladder

    Another reason why blood might show up in a urine test is Interstitial Cystitis (IC) which is an autoimmune condition of the bladder. It's benign inflammation not infection. I get this from time to time when tested, especially if I'm in a painful IC flare.

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    Re: Blood and Bladder

    Thanks everyone for saying there is at least a slim chance I dont have bladder cancer.

    I know that using statistical odds is a bit controversial on this site. but im a numbers guy. I did a little math and calculated that 1 in 25000 men between the ages of 35-44 will be diagnosed with bladder cancer this year. I have better odds of dying in a car crash.

    I probably have to give another urine sample this week. It is making me very anxious.

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    Re: Blood and Bladder

    Well folks, bad news. The latest urin test came back with 3-5 rbc. That brings my total to 2 positive and 2 negative tests

    The doctor wants to do the full workup. I'm undecided if I want to go through that when the overwhelming probability is nothing will be found. Lot of $$$ involved with these tests.

    On the other hand I'm freaking out convinced I have bladde cancer and only months left to live. I should point out that I lost both my parents in a 2 month span over this past year. So that makes me think of my own mortality more and more

    I have an appt with my GP on the 11th to discuss the matter. I will hold off on buying my coffin until then.

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    Re: Blood and Bladder

    I have been dealing with occasional visible blood in my urine for the last 5 years. I have had three bladder scopes and a kidney scope. The blood has been confirmed as coming from my left kidney, but no reason has been found. It definitely sent me into a spiral at first, but my urologist isn't concerned.

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    Re: Blood and Bladder

    one thing ive found confusing in my research of hematuria is the different definitions of the condition in different countries. For example, in Australia hematuria is defined as greater than >10 RBC while in the US it is >3. ALso in the US it is recommended that anyone >35 years with hematuria get further evaluation, while in other places it is >40 or >50. It all seems so arbitrary.

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    Re: Blood and Bladder

    my anxiety is ramping back up again. convincing myself that i have high grade bladder carcinoma in situ.

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