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Thread: Bipolar meds

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    Bipolar meds

    I am having a review of my bipolar meds soon. Just wondering if anybody has had any experience if being on Resperidone. I had a small break down in 2005 and went on them came off them for ten years and in 2016 I had a breakdown when I had to go into hospital as I sort of lost my mind and seemingly it was a bipolar episode. I don’t suffer with bipolar daily but wondering if they will keep me on these meds long term as I have been told different over the years. They reduced them down to 1mg they have floated the idea of more reductions but as I have been fine for 4 years they haven’t done much lately. Should I be coming off them to avoid the side affects or should I be sticking to them?

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    Re: Bipolar meds


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    Re: Bipolar meds

    Quote Originally Posted by phil06 View Post
    Should I be coming off them to avoid the side affects or should I be sticking to them?
    I'm not sure that a couple of incidents a decade apart warrant long term medication, but your GP/psychiatrist is better placed to make that call.

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