Hi everyone, I've been super well lately - I've got a new therapist set up and just in general things with my mh have been going pretty good.

This isn't a worry but more like asking for some advice in case anyone been through the same.

So on the lead up to my period two/three days before hand, I'll just feel really out of it, my heart rate goes up (not that worried about it, doctor said my hearts all good. Its mainly just annoying). I find it hard to sleep around those days and I just feel more filled with dread. When my period comes things tend to settle abit, my legs get really ache and its hard to walk for a few days. Along with this I get bad cramps and lots of bleeding - which is something I've always dealt with. A nurse once told me my heart rate is higher during my period because of the bleeding so it doesn't annoy me as much when my period is happening compared to the lead up.

I guess I'm just saying in a ranting way around a week and bit of every month I feel very out of it and just run down. Just looking for some tips! None of my friends or family get periods like me or feel like so it isn't something I can get advice from

I was just wondering if anyone has any tips to help out with these issues, I'm planning to get the coil in during the the summer when I next go back to Ireland. I can't take the pill (long story) and the bar didn't work for me (also a long story). Is there any natural vitamins or anything anyone can suggest if they felt this way x?

I have talked to my gp about these issues in the past, which resulted in me being put on the pill and the bar - which both didn't work. A doctor here in Germany suggested getting some blood work done on my thyroid to see if that's planning a part! So I'm going to look into that (tbh I can't afford it here rn and I can't it free from my gp in Ireland so might have to hold out for a lil bit if possible or I'll save up for it here!)

Hope everyone is doing well x