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Thread: Wedding anxiety is too overwhelming

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    Wedding anxiety is too overwhelming

    I致e had anxiety for over 10 years and it began with just planes and has spread a bit to where I was agoraphobic for a short time but using a counsellor I got myself back on planes, trains, leaving the house and thriving in a new job. I still get anxious in small spaces but I felt I could cope better. Now iam planning a very small wedding, 20 people in the Scottish highlands, and now I知 booking venues I知 starting to feel all my hard work fall away like an invisibility cloak slowly wearing off. I知 finding it hard leaving the house, Although I知 pushing through to go to work still, and I致e had several panic attacks in the past 6 months. The thought of it getting closer to the wedding next year I知 so fearful of losing control completely and having a breakdown if I知 like this now? I知 wondering if anyone has got married whilst suffering! What did you do and did the day go ok? I hate being centre of attention!

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    Re: Wedding anxiety is too overwhelming

    congratulations on your upcoming wedding. It's natural to feel anxious but from the sounds of it you're a very strong person because you managed to get out of a bad time with the help of a counsellor. I have suffered with anxiety in different forms pretty much all of my life but 5 years ago I got married and it was wonderful. I had to make some adjustments to make things easier for me, so we had a ceremony on the friday then a bigger party on the sat evening so I wouldn't feel too overwhelmed doing everything in one day. People say 'it's the happiest day of your life' but don't worry if it's not perfect. I had a couple of blips over those two days where I felt irritated and anxious and felt 'I can't believe I'm irritated on my wedding day (s)' but there were also some amazing moments that I cherish. I'm sure you'll have those too. I gave myself courage by saying 'I've felt anxious so so so many times before' I think everyone else thought I was so calm while getting ready but to me I just treated it like all the other times I've gone through anxiety.
    There's a few posts about people with wedding nerves so it might help to search for those and read through.
    All best wishes and try to just immerse yourself in the joys of planning, not the big picture, just the details at the moment they happen.

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    Re: Wedding anxiety is too overwhelming

    Thank you Vicky that is very kind of you!
    I do forget some of my achievements sometimes and just think of myself spiralling and getting worse. I知 so happy to hear you coped with anxiety during your wedding it honestly gives me so much hope!
    I知 looking forward to my counselling and will keep your words in my head, thank you

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