So I've been taking Mirtazipine since August '19. Mainly 15mg once a day but dabbled with 30s for a week but couldn't handle the side effects.

Anyway, my doctor suggested quetiapine as we are both in agreement the Mirt isn't really effective for my anxiety. I was put on it after having a terrible reaction to citalopram that ended up in a stay in a MHAU.

Anyway the doc said stop the Mirt and switch to Quitiepine. (Long story short - couldn't handle Quitiepine so had to quit after 5 days so now on nothing.) That was a mistake! I've suffered from dizziness, insomnia and waves of the most intense nausea I've ever had. Is this all from withdrawal? Of so, anybody have an idea on how long it takes to get better?