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    New to No More Panic, Very Concerned about BULBAR

    Hi all,

    I am new to this forum and no more panic. First of all let me say from the outset I have health anxiety especially for ALS, I have been twitching since 2001 so I go through this quite often. Back in November of last year I went to and ENT for a vocal Polyp and everything was good until I looked at the patient portal where you can see what he wrote. He wrote I had laryngopharyngeal reflux so I started sensing swallowing issue with excess saliva in my mouth, my mind started going to Bulbar so now I am constantly looking at my tongue and feeling if I am swallowing correctly and speaking correctly, sometimes I feel food stick to my throat so I haven't been eating much so I lost quite a bid of weight. My mouth is full of saliva and I can even feel it in my throat. I spoke to the ENT about it but he didn't seem concerned but did to a scope of my throat but didn't see anything but will order a barium swallow. I have been freaking out that this is bulbar and look for twitching in my tongue every day, sometimes I think I see a twitch but it is very suttle. Has anyone experienced any of these symptoms? My speech seems to be okay but I check it all the time.

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    Re: New to No More Panic, Very Concerned about BULBAR

    I used to have similar symptoms. I would be in the mirror looking at my tongue for hours. My saliva would also become extremely watery. At times when i was eating or drinking something i would focus on my swallowing and felt like couldn't. Anxiety is powerful and can cause very real symptoms. It was scary but the symptoms eventually faded once i stopped googling.

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    Re: New to No More Panic, Very Concerned about BULBAR

    Thank you Deltazv1

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    Re: New to No More Panic, Very Concerned about BULBAR

    i have had twitching for 3 years and currently dealing with lots of secretion problems , saliva i have to keep on swallowing, food feels like it gets stuck, its anxiety

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