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Thread: Medication recommendations?

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    Re: Medication recommendations?

    I have had intense, and I mean literally life ruining HA for 15 years. I was so against ADs but I eventually relented and started on citalopram which after 6-8 weeks lifted the fog and I can say I am much happier than Iíve ever been. HA is ever present but itís a lot quieter now, I donít see me coming off it anytime soon. Iím not ashamed to be on ADs and tell people that, for me at least, they were one of the best things I ever did.

    Long story short; i love citalopram lol

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    Re: Medication recommendations?

    Quote Originally Posted by HA1989 View Post
    Long story short; i love citalopram lol
    There have been several members/serial posters that had great success with Citalopram. That said, meds are really subjective and hit and miss. My daughter was on Zoloft and it crapped out on her. She had to go through several meds and all the issues associated with ramping up, cross tapering and weaning down before they found a med that works for her. She's doing pretty well now. If it's working, stick with it.

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