So here I am again I have literally done a full circle of exactly how I was last year. My problem is vaginal bleeding. I've been on cerezet ir cerelle (whichever they give me at the time) mini pill for years stopped 9 years ago to conceive my son and went straight back on it when he was a few months old, mainly to help with hormones. Last year after 7 odd years of no periods and no breakthrough bleeding I suddenly started to get this and I had bleeding after sex. Doctors put it down to hormones and the pill, I convinced myself I had cervical cancer. My due smear in October 2018 came back fine and I had an internal ultrasound also clear around Januaryi think. My doctor suggested i stopped the pill and let things get back to normal, I did that and eventually my periods came back as awful as I remember! After a few months I decided to go back on the pill, cerelle this time, so maybe August last year. Everything has been fine then all of a sudden after having sex last Thursday I have spotting. This went on until monday, it was only when I wiped and sometimes red sometimes that brownish stuff you get and sometimes just bloody streaked discharge.

I saw my doctor monday who again thinks its hormones and the pill so I've stopped the pill. Since Thursday I have been having slight cramps and more fresh blood when I wipe. But sometimes I can go like last night from 7pm until 7am this morning with nothing. I'm due to have another internal ultrasound on the 13th February. I'm terrified. She said it is extremely unlikely to be anything sinister, but I'm convinced its cancer. I have an 8 year old son and I cant bear the thought of leaving him.

Can anyone relate to anything I've said.

Thanks everyone