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Thread: Flare up or something else?

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    Flare up or something else?


    I've gone almost 4 weeks without an Imodium (a big deal as I dealt with MONTHS of post infectious antibiotic IBS from May til december and took one once every three weeks for a while) but yesterday night I took a bit of a risk and had 2 and a half chicken enchiladas. Ive cut out onion and garlic completely from my diet and even removed the onions from them but this morning I had a horrible case of d* and lack of appetite. Its spiked my anxiety as I know its winter and im petrified of a bug. Id relax as usually if I have loose stool nowadays or proper d* Im fine for the rest of the day..hunger etc, but tonight, 7hrs after the bad bowel movement today I keep feeling the urge again. When I smell food I feel anxious and then feel like i need to pass gas or go again. Does this sound like a classic flare up or something else?

    Should mention I had a scary weekend where I had a minor stalker incident with an ex but on the day it happened(2 days ago) My stomach was fine.

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    Re: Flare up or something else?

    Sounds Like IBS and anxiety.
    One day at a time

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