So after being on SSRIs for about 15 years it seems that they just don't work for me anymore. I recently realised I was getting mild panic attacks, especially at night time partly due to being worried I wouldn't sleep as I'd had a bad bout if insomnia.

I read imipramine was good for panic attacks and asked if I could switch From sertaline. Now I have seen that imipramine isn't sedating and can cause insomnia. So now I'm worried I should have asked for something different but I have only been in the imipramine 4 days and have been switching meds every six months or so before I decided to quit ssris. Should I just wait it out and see? As if the panic attacks and anxiety are what was causing my insomnia (I think it is the root cause) if I treat the root cause the insomnia may disappear?
Edit to add I am due a 3 week catch up with my docs on the 21st of February.