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Thread: Scared about my body!

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    Scared about my body!

    So the tennis season in my school will start soon and it is something I really enjoy playing!
    However, today my Coach gave us all Physical Exam papers that we all have to get filled out by the doctors. I skim through it and it asks questions such as:
    “Have you ever had skipped beats?”
    “Have you ever been ordered an EKG?”
    “Any history with Connective Tissue Disorders (Marfan)?”

    My anxiety levels went through the roof because I was associated with some of this. I definitely had skipped beats before and have had an EKG done.
    In April 2019, the Cardiologist ruled out Marfan Syndrome and said everything was perfectly fine! And last year the doctors cleared me and said I can play sports and everything was great.

    Something about being LINKED with these symptoms doesn’t sit well with my spirit and it causes me to feel as if I actually have those diseases... I usually feel fine but I do have 2 skeletal features that can be associated with Marfan but the cardiac and optical symptoms aren’t there. (Thank god.)

    Anyone have any tips/help?

    P.S. My anxiety over this issue has fully gone away but this situation brought it up again so it's a bit unpleasant.

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    Re: Scared about my body!

    They have to ask these questions for insurance reasons I'm guessing.

    The reason you have had an EKG is completely different to the reason they are asking. Their questions are designed to rule out heart issues, your symptoms were caused (and diagnosed as) by anxiety. Everybody that's had anxiety has had skipped beats.....or at least the vast proportion of them have. Does that mean none of them can play sports? No, of course it doesn't.

    Just because something happens that reminds you of a darker time, doesn't mean you have to ruminate over it. Accept it, and let it go. Enjoy the tennis!

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