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    Re: Tips for dealing with Anxiety and Panic

    Long story short a guy 29 whos dating a beautiful girl who's 24 ..but the problem my anxiety about the relationship is destroying me she doesn't know of course because on the outside im cool calm laughing and joking ..she doesn't know that if she doesn't reply to one of my texts i panic then if i don't hear from her for a few hours i ..and im not ashamed to admit this ..but I actually wanna go to bed and cry and then i reexamine all our previous texts and try to analyse if ive come across as "too available " or "too many emojis" or im the other end of the spectrum and too "aloof" ...I literally cant take it anymore ..every time i do one thing someone tells me im doing it wrong and should do the opposite thing.. i feel its this one big exhausting game / code and its making me miserable when i should be happy ..can anyone help me out how to manage this starting to feel i was happier when i was on my own ...i feel phones can literally can literally make the start of relationships actual nightmares for people with anxiety Any help how i can beat this???

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    Re: Tips for dealing with Anxiety and Panic

    Quote Originally Posted by michellemumof4 View Post
    Hi peeps I aint posted one of these in some time and given that we have new members I thought it would be good to do one again.

    Ok Anxiety remember is just a physical reaction to the chemical Adrenalin that is being overly produced by our bodies, it can produce many nasty horrible feelings , BUT that is all it can do produce feelings, its what we do with them feelings that matters .....

    So for some of those symptoms try the following

    Shaking hands or limbs - clench the hands tight like a fist , hold it and take a deep breath in throught your nose , release the fist as you release the breath out through your nose, by doing this slowly and calmly Not only are we releasing the adrenalin that has built up but we are also taking control of our breathing which will calm our nervous system down.

    Lump in throat or tight throat - If you suffer with this then it is usually because when we are tense we walk around with our TOUNGE permanantly place up in the roof of our mouth clenched and tight, and by doing this we IMMEDIATLY tense the throat and jaw area , causing muscle tension , so make a effort to check where your tounge is placed in the mouth and attempt to keep it lowered ,

    Pain in shoulders and neck / headaches -- again when tense we walk or sit with our shoulders hunched up around our ears , this causes tension in the neck and head , drop the shoulders , keep a eye on where you hold them and if you feel pain or discomfort when you do this its Ok its Just that your body isnt used to feeling relaxed given time you will re-train yourself to carry yourself properly and in a more relaxed state.

    Palpitations - - Horrible I know but is yet another symptom of anxiety , We do tend to monitor it when we feel our heart going ten to the dozen and this is where we make it seem much worse than it actually is - TRY TO REMEMBER A STRONG FAST BEATING HEART IS A GOOD HEART and no harm will come to you or your heart,, if at night time you struggle to sleep for listening to your own heart when lieing down then place to pillows on the bed and rest your head on the crack between the two pillows , this will help you to stop monitering and listening to yourself.

    Dizzy or sick spells - again Not nice but very common , when we have anxiety we burn off sugar very fast or we dont eat enough , you should really be trying to eat 4 or 5 small meals a day rather than 2 or 3 large ones and if you feel sick or dizzy then try a sweet cup of tea or a buiscuit to help replenish your sugar levels , every symptom you feel has a logical explanation for it and once you discover how to help yourself beating anxiety becomes much easier.

    Depersonalization - this is simply a result of a tired mind , when we have anxiety we seem to think about things 24/7 and of course this tires us out , instead of curling up in bed or on the sofa praying this stops simply do the breathing excersise for 20 minutes , doing this will give your mind time to rest and your body time to relax, doing a good excerise for 20 minutes is the same as allowing the body and mind 2 hours sleep ....... well worth doing and i suggest even if your having a good day try to do this for 20minutes at least 3 times a day this will allow you to keep your body relaxed and in the state it should be.

    Intrusive thoughts ----- Horrible again belive me i been there , but remember these are JUST thoughts and again its the way we react to them that matters , dont sit there thinking and pondering about the why's if's and maybe's , get up do something , read a book , play a game crosswords or even bake some bread or cakes anything to take your mind away from your thought, its impossible to think about two things at the same time, I know it seems you can but trust me you CANT and eventually if you stick with distraction it does work .

    Exercise - Essential for recovery , try to do some low impact excersises each day it may be a little walk or cycling or even swimming , Yoga is excellant for anxiety and good excerise releases the body's own nautal endorphines which makes us feel good and happy , well worth doing

    Sleep - We all sruggle from time to time with our sleeping patterns , try if you can to stop nappin during the day , if you feel you must then be sensible about it , set a alarm and give yourself a hour or perhaps 2 then get up , dont lie there in a half asleep state thinking about things get up and do something constructive , if you wake during the night and struggle to get bak off to sleep again dont lie there get up , go clean or get a nice warm drink you have to start breaking the cycle and habbits that we so easily form when we suffer with anxiety or panic

    Panic Attack - Ok firstly try to break the cycle of being scared something terrible is going to happen IT WONT , Runnin away simple creates more problems and makes us feel a failure , if you feel panic coming where ever you are try this

    Drop your shoulders , focus on something near by - a shop window , a lamp post or even a tin of beans if your in the supermarket , take a slow deep breath in through your nose count to 4 , release it our again through the nose and repeat , tell yourself its Ok it will pass and you WILL be ok , do this for a few moments then continue with what you were doing , you may feel slightly dizzy or sick , this is Ok its as a result of your levels returning to normal , take a sweet and suck it this will help with the nausau , anyone who Knows me Knows i have a constant supply of mints in my handbag for such occasions .

    Ok if anyone has other symptoms of needs advice on anything in paticular leave a post and i will reply


    This post is by a former member of NMP. Michelle can no longer be contacted through this site but please feel free to continue posting on the forum for further advice and support.



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    What an awesome post!

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    Re: Tips for dealing with Anxiety and Panic

    Quote Originally Posted by michellemumof4 View Post
    Hi Lizzie

    I did suffer with Severe General Anxiety Disorder and intrusive thoughts , I am Now recovered and am a trained Helpliner with No Panic, I had all of the above symptoms and more besides , when i was recovering I found a lot of different things that helped me and some that didnt, Now I am recovered I take great Joy and comfort in helping others .
    I am a Mum to 4 married 23 years and thats about it really

    Good luck xxx
    Hi Michelle

    Iím suffering right now with Severe General Anxiety Disorder and intrusive thoughts, and would be grateful of any tips/help that you could give. Every day is a struggle, Iíve started CBT and on meds but not good as I write


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