Not really sure where to start... This may be a long post!

So back in March last year i started getting awful toothache in upper back teeth, radiated to cheek, ear and top of lip was tingling too. I'd bitten a nut a few days before and felt a sharp pain then, so put it down to that and went to dentists to get it sorted. Numerous visits to NHS and private dentists and none could give definite answer. Had lots of X-rays, which showed nothing and i couldn't tell which tooth was causing the issue. Naproxen and other pain killers didn't really help. Saw hospital restorative dentist who advised root canal on one of the molars as possible crack. The pain had worn off a bit so thought i'd leave the RCT, but then pain came back again in September worse than before, so opted for the RCT. This made everything even worse. Constant throbbing in whole face, loads of pressure behind bridge of nose and in teeth, my whole head felt like a brick. Asked GP to refer to maxillofacial, but in meantime waiting for appointment begged dentists to take tooth out, which he did in December (with a lot of persuasion).

So roll on to max fax appointment in January where doctor suggested it could be atypical facial pain or atypical trigeminal neuralgia and referred for urgent MRI of head and neck and started me on low dose of amitriptyline. Had the MRI earlier this week and totally fearing the worst (brain tumour, spinal tumour, sinus cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, MS) because the pressure/tingling is constant, can't escape it constant feeling of brain fog/fuzziness in that side of head, feeling weak and shaky at times, being super snappy with kids, have no patience at all.

Now in the last few weeks have also developed palpitations (pvcs picked up on ECG), tingling in left hand, bladder spasms, swallowing issues and back pain. Going to have a a 24hr ECG soon and GP also advised to get a blood pressure monitor as my BP has been really high the last few times i've had it checked (also runs in family). Anxiety has been suggested and i definitely know i'm a generally anxious person, worry about anything and everything. My latest fear is cancer of unknown primary, with metastatic cancer causing my back pain.

Anyone have any advice/wise words?! Not sure what's real or in my head and if i'm being ridiculous. Just feels my life is on hold ...