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Thread: Coming off 6 weeks in

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    Re: Coming off 6 weeks in

    Quote Originally Posted by panic_down_under View Post
    There are worse things in life than popping a pill every day, Geoff. Plus, SSRIs may have other benefits such as reducing the risk of Alzheimer's dementia.

    I didnt know that - any long term implications?

    I urge you not to remain on 5mg for an extended period as this may increase the risk of the med pooping out.
    I went back to 10mg today - Doing ok, got a bit of lock jaw and very sweaty hands but otherwsie ok.
    (BTW - what does pooping out mean )

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    Re: Coming off 6 weeks in

    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff78 View Post
    BTW - what does pooping out mean
    The med stops working. SSRIs and MAOI class ADs are more prone to poop-out (tachyphylaxis) than SNRIs (maybe not venlafaxine) and TCAs.

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