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    Hi Iíve posted a few times about bleeding between periods or bleeding lasting longer than usual. Iíve seen my dr about it a couple of times and sheís put it down to weight loss (4stone) taking cerelle and hormones.

    Itís happened again today finished bleeding Sunday after a normal 7 day period then this morning 6 days later Iím bleeding again. Had no idea it was coming on just woke up with period pains and bam!

    I think Iíve noticed a pattern it seems to happen like this every 3rd period and this extra bleed which isnít usually heavy can last up to 2 weeks. Does this sound hormonal? If so is there anything I can do or is it just a matter of riding it out until everything balances again?

    Was due a smear in January, went for it and it came back clear last week also when this happened in September I had other swabs done and they all came back clear

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    Re: Hormones

    A lot of women will experience abnormal bleeding during their reproductive years... it's more normal than you'd think. And weight loss and stress/anxiety definitely affects our hormones.
    And if you've had a clear smear, I wouldn't worry about it.

    I often experience spotting around ovulation. I also often experience period-like pains and light bleeding on/off during the week after my period has ended, like my body didn't manage to get rid of all the blood during my period… it's annoying, but not dangerous.

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    Re: Hormones

    Thanks for the reply. I didnít panic this time as I thought I saw a pattern and remembered what I had been told last time. Iíve lightly bled for 6 days and thought it had stopped yesterday only for it to start again today. Iím due an appointment to repeat my prescription in the next few weeks so Iíll keep a log and mention it again then

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