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Thread: Anxiety,scared of everything.

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    Anxiety,scared of everything.

    Things have gotten really bad lately.
    6 months ago I got c diff...I got through it. BUT,It brought out my ocd .
    Everytime I use the bathroom I shower after and bleach the entire bathroom.I am having a flare of ibs at the moment so I use the bathroom more than usual so I shower and bleach the room multiple times a day.I wash my hands till they are raw.
    I tried a vegan diet a few years ago and became sick on it. It left me with food anxiety.I am scared of dairy,grain,meat and all processed foods.I lost weight from the c diff (not in a good way) and I cant put it back on because I am scared of food...I am also scared of food affecting this ibs flare that I've been in for 6 weeks.So that makes it worse.
    I worry about my kids,coronavirus toxins in my dishes and products...the list is very long.
    My fingers have been twitching violently. So has my abdomen,which makes me scared I have c diff again.
    I cant eat because if I eat I might have to go,if I go it might be c diff.Even though most movements are solid and not anything close to that.
    Also,I lost my cat,she passed away last tuesday.I had her 16 years.
    I cant cope.How do normal people live? Everything is a threat to me.
    Thanks for listening.

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    Re: Anxiety,scared of everything.

    So sorry to hear all that you are coping with at the moment.
    I found CBT very good when I was struggling a few years ago.
    Unfortunately I have had a relapse and am back on meds.
    I read as much as I can about anxiety and it all makes sense but so much harder putting it all into practice.
    try a website called excel at life - lots of free audios.
    maybe you need to go and see your doctor. I wish you well x

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