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Thread: Update 2020

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    Update 2020

    Soo, just a little update!

    I've been living in Germany for a few months now. Looking forward to some warmer weather tbh! Getting rather sick of all the snow and ice here. I've settled in okayish? I've made a few friends in and out of work, I found a therapist here and setting up a gp also!

    Things have been a mix bag. My heart worries are nearly gone, I get moments but I remind myself that there's a million things it can be. Acid reflux, me over breathing, just anixety etc etc. I do my best to breath through those moments and remind myself that I've had these fears for awhile yet in still kicking ! I've slowly started to jog again. Wanting to get to full level of fitness again. It's not even easy but I'm working on it !

    I had a sinus infection for nearly two months straight but think I'm finally coming out of it! I'm still suffering with rather hard headache but again remind myself that there's a number of factors to why. Weather/environment pressue, not drinking enough water, stress, etc etc. That it doesn't mean some deadly Illness

    So while I've mainly been doing well with my ha, I'm trying to be more responsible with my thoughts. Like not let my mind to be to overtaken with fear.

    Sadly there has been a down point, about three weeks ago I had the start psychosis epsoide. It came on so slowly but also so suddenly? I could hear those little mumbling voices building up but I didn't focus on it to much, thinking it was a anixety filled mind and a downer on my self confidence. Let's just say it went from a mumbling voice to so much more. My boyfriend had to deal with a awful out night when everything came to a head and I really lost it I was so over taken with it. (I often feel to embrassed to post those details here, I still fear judgment.)

    Lucky with my new therapist-- and old one have really been a support to me. I'm slowly, coming around from it. It's left me mentally exhausted. Everyone around me and everyone back home have been so understanding but I'm really struggling with it still myself - but I'm trying to remind myself I always come around from it in the end. I'm still so glad I put the chance and moved, even though things have been hard.

    Hope everyone is doing okay here ❤️

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    Re: Update 2020

    It takes courage to deal with psychotic episodes and come out the other side and it takes courage to move to a new country with all that this entails..

    I would judge you as being incredibly resilient in the face of adversity and extremely brave. Yes you have a solid support system around you but it still takes guts to overcome what you have had to experience and despite the very understandable exhaustion you know you will manage this successfully and carry on living your life to the best of your ability.

    Really easy for me to write these words but I certainly don't underestimate what you are dealing with. You should be proud of all you have done and continue to do xx

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    Re: Update 2020

    Iím glad that youíre enjoying Germany.
    Really sorry about the episode, I donít have much knowledge of them. Pulisa has put it so beautifully that I just want to echo her words about how strong you are. Iím so pleased that you continue to work through the problems and donít just give up. Youíre an example for so many x

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    Re: Update 2020

    Scass and Pulisa thank you both so, so much for your replies. The two of you have been such wonderful supports to me during my time on here, it has meant the world to me. ��

    I'm managing to get back on my feet after the episode again- went back to work today and I think I pulled a muscle in my chest area...not ideal but it's all apart of life isn't it! Just got hot to a nice water bottle now xxx

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