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Thread: Low iron home test

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    Low iron home test

    Hi All, I am now in a total state of panic as I did a home test for low iron and it showed that I did have it. I also have other symptoms such as tired in day ( but can be awake until 2-3 in the morning ) noticeable heart beat, pale ( but always have been ) and short of breath which I have also had for many years as itís part of my anxiety that I suffer with daily. But these symptoms also are anaemia and with the low iron test I am now in high anxiety. If it is anemia then something must be causing it and when I look online I see cancers everywhere. I know I have to go to the doctor tomorrow to get checked now, but I am really really scared now.

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    Re: Low iron home test

    sorry to hear you are having a tough time. Good luck with GP

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