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    Panic Attack Aftermath

    As some of you know, my stepdad died a couple of days after Christmas recently so my panic attacks, anxiety and stress in general have been very high lately. I thought I had turned a corner or at least had a bit of respite so went out with my friends on Sat night for a catch up and much needed laughs. Had a little too much to drink, wont lie and enjoyed it at the time and regretted it instantly the next morning and remembered why I have cut down a lot. Yesterday from the moment I woke up I was extremely anxious, had bad DP/DR, chest pains, restlessness etc and it all came to a head when my husband took me out for a drive to try and calm me down but what happened was I had a huge panic attack and it got stronger the further away we got from our local hospital, if that doesn't scream panic attack and fearing needing reassurance then what does? I managed to calm myself down through breathing, listening to music and singing along badly and then letting time pass. I even went into Asda after it for a few things which was a huge achievement.

    I tried to sleep last night but the panic kept creeping and I could only drift off for an hour at a time and then wake up either anxious again or just restless and then I would be up for another couple of hours and sleep for another hour. Same happened this morning after my occupational therapist left, I tried to sleep and only managed an hour at most but I dreamt at least.

    I feel so detached from everything even myself like all my body will allow me to feel is restlessness and anxiety. I have avoided my cats and husband because the energy needed to talk or even seen reassurance just feels like too much of an effort. I have no appetite but I am forcing myself to eat and drink. I feel like a zombie or that I have been zapped by energy. The sleep thing is annoying me the most because a good sleep helps everything.

    Have any of you experienced an anxiety/panic attack aftermath like this? I am listening to Dr Claire Weekes audiobooks as I write this, just about to have lunch, hoovered a little and might play a video game for a little while. I want to feel normal and I wish I could click my fingers and feel better but like Dr Weekes says, float and let time pass. Its bloody hard though especially with grief on top. I am trying to just deal with this panic aftermath first and then move onto grief again. Though I know grief will still be bubbling away right now.

    Take care everyone. Hope you are all keeping well
    C-PTSD (Complex Trauma), OCD, Panic Disorder, GAD

    "Save your sympathy for someone else. I don't need it or want it. What you call a panic attack is merely a few normal chemicals that are temporarily out of place in my brain. It is of no significance whatsoever to me!"

    "Recovery always lies ahead - however painful the moment"

    "Recovery lies in the places and experiences you avoid"

    Dr Claire Weekes.

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    Re: Panic Attack Aftermath

    Sorry to hear about all this.

    In short, yes. I've had multiple experiences like that.

    First of all, the booze. The thing to remember is that booze is a toxin, and at a time when your CNS is on full alert (after dealing with grief, Christmas etc) it's just a no no. For me it's just not worth it, and is the main reason I don't drink at all any more. I could drink now, but I don't.

    This idea of a CNS on high alert is what I believe you need to focus on for the next few weeks. After a time of intense stress your entire system can take a long time to come down. Experiencing this kind of prolonged panic attack is almost to be expected after drinking too much at this point in time. Grief is incredibly stressful, and must be prioritised.

    I wouldn't read too much into it as it's really pretty simple, stress in vs stress out. The booze simply put too much stress on your system and your body perceived it as imminent danger. When you drink booze your body prioritising getting rid of it above everything else.

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