Hi everybody! So, basically, recently, I've been scared that every time I think about something bad/rude/offensive, I've actually said it out loud. At first, these thoughts had racial themes, as in saying slurs out loud. Not racist at all. I know OCD takes really taboo things and makes you think things that are the opposite of your character. I'm actually biracial myself. So, I grew up in the least racist, open-minded household ever. Those thoughts calmed down once I stopped paying attention to them. I still have them from time to time, but I have gotten good at ignoring them/letting them pass. More recently the thoughts I've been having are that of past dates I've been on, which is fine... at least that is how it starts, and then that suddenly turns into worry that I've accidentally FaceTimed my boyfriend and said these thoughts out loud, but in that case, those thoughts were sexually graphic, and would make it seem like I've cheated. The thoughts themselves are not sexual, but instead the fear is that I've said something of a sexually inappropriate nature out loud to my boyfriend who I love very much. And then to top it off, I think that I've deleted the evidence. Conveniently, FaceTime isn't logged on your phone bill the way regular phone calls are, so there is no evidence to settle these thoughts. My boyfriend travels a lot for work. This has started causing a lot of separation anxiety because he's also not a great texter, and I find myself in a panic when he's gone and isn't texting me back because I assume I've done these awful things.