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Thread: Change in peeing

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    Change in peeing


    Ive had a few health problems recently, and as a result Iíve had a ct scan of abdo and pelvic are, an us of pelvic area ( trans abdo & trans vaginal), numerous blood tests and and endoscopy. Apart from a small simple cyst on my right ovary, everything has come back normal.

    thigs have slowly improved , just some random abdo pains, and now an scaling twinge where my pubic bone is. The thing is, since Christmas, I donít seem to wee as much as I used to. Especially in the morning, after my early morning wee, I can go TIL the afternoon without visiting the toilet, even though I have drunk loads of tea. Before that I had a really weak bladder, and would have to rush to the loo or wet myself. My wee is not dark, nor does it hurt to go. Why could this be? I keep trying to tell myself that anything sinister would have been spotted on the scans I had, but Iím still worried

    oh yes, and sometimes my wee looks a bit sparkly, if that makes sense

    anyone else had this.
    Thank you

    Inanna x

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    Re: Change in peeing

    These are all signs of your hypervigilance. The only way you're going to get a handle on your HA is to gradually train yourself out of caring.
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    Re: Change in peeing

    I think you are hyper focusing on something irrelevant. Not only that, you seem to be (to me) experiencing a more normal level of peeing than you were before. So you are effectively worried about an improvement.

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    Re: Change in peeing

    All symptoms of the brain searching for another "diagnosis" to chase.

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