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    Travel anxiety

    Hello a little about myself I developed anxiety and depression a couple years ago not sure really why. It seemed to come about after my Dad had a health scare he had cardiac arrest which my mom saved his life so that is good news. But after that I was very concerned about my health but I am fine. It developed into a fear of traveling with my family we haven't really went on any big trips before but everytime we go someone gets sick lol. Now my family my wife and two kids along with my parents had a trip booked for Disney this week. My Dad developed a bad bacteria infection and is in the hospital so we had to postpone are trip. We will be going on March 7 now not with my parents I am so nervous about going now I get bad anxiety thinking about it I always think the worst. How do I just relax and have a wonderful holiday without worrying all the time sure sucks to have this anxiety it takes over your body

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    Re: Travel anxiety

    I wish I had some words of wisdom for you. I also struggle with travel anxiety. Mine mainly centers around not being familiar with the hospitals, doctors, etc of the places I’m going. I just try to only focus on the positive things about the trip and get really excited about those. The new things I want to see and experience. I try to put the negative thoughts on the back burner so to speak.

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    Re: Travel anxiety

    That is true sometimes easier said then done. I just want to enjoy my holiday with my family so bad.

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    Re: Travel anxiety

    Absolutely and I totally understand. The good news (or bad news depending how you want to look at it) is you have some time to convince yourself of the positives. Maybe every time you find yourself focusing on a negative aspect of the trip, make a real effort to turn that negative into a positive. I know it’s not easy, but the mind is such a powerful tool that you can literally train it to behave however you’d like! You just have to put in the effort to do it.

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    Re: Travel anxiety

    I also find travelling difficult, part of which stems from having to go to the other side of the world for 2 months when my Dad was ill with cancer. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but one thing that did help was the knowledge that wherever you are in the world, you can pretty much get home within 24 hours if you need to (there are probably a few exceptions eg Antarctica, but you catch my drift). That was a long time ago, when mobile roaming was patchy and mobile data didn't exist. It's much easier to keep in contact now. Still, I tend to check before I go that my phone is all set up, and leave travel details with someone so I can be contacted in an emergency etc. Those things can be helpful so you can relax on holiday. I hope that helps a bit and I hope you go and have a great time.
    'If you're going through hell, keep going' (Winston Churchill)

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    Re: Travel anxiety

    Thanks for the encouragement hopefully all goes well

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    Re: Travel anxiety

    I hope your trip Sjc73, I have suffered before (and still do to some extent) with awful travel anxiety that is linked in part with a real of illness. I have a big trip to India coming next week and I am trying to work through my feelings of panic and fear without it taking over as it has before. What I have found really helpful if EFT (tapping). Many may dismiss is as a load of nonsense, but it has really helped me. Youtube has some great videos that can help you if you can't see someone in person.

    Also again, knowing that you can get out at any time, even if you're not logically planning on it. For me this means making sure I have a credit card on hand or enough money to ensure I can get home and a backup plan ready. This is more to do with the feeling of entrapment that I get with a trip. There is so much pressure, I find, from people who don't get it and just expect you to 'enjoy your holiday'. We know that unfortunately it isn't always that simple. I wish you all the best in the world, no matter what happens!

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