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Thread: Breast pain

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    Re: Breast pain

    Is this a sign of IBC?
    No, SKin everywhere can get spots, and blocked pores, and little raised red dots (cherry spots are they called ?), why should that part of your skin be any different ? Whatever you are describing sounds minscule, absolutely tiny and as if its of no concern.

    In all honesty I've never had a breast MRI (certainly not whilst awake - I've had similar with contrast dye done in surgery but wasn't awake lol) I'm not a breast surgeon or oncologist and I think I would make a decision based on the advice they, and they alone, give you. I'm not saying this to wriggle out of a full answer, but I'd never even dare to presume I have a molecule of the knowledge, experience and expertise that they have. I really have no medical knowledge other than as a person who has been treated for BC (and done some research in the process), but every person, every situation is different and you need to trust the experts that you see. Different specialists have different feelings about what types of scan they would prefer given any 'symptoms', location of problem etc you have and it varies here in the UK, so with you being in the US where there are slightly different policies its hard to guess what scan you might be referred for, if at all. Yes, people do have mammos less than a year apart, but only if the weight of evidence points to there being something which is potentially risky, or definitely needs checking - it comes down to a 'what would be riskier' scenario - a mammo or leaving something in situ that needs diagnosis. I honestly think wait and see what is recommended, there will no doubt be a question and answer session at the start, and a manual examination, so you should have plenty of time to have advice on the best route forwards (or none at all ) I understand that MRI is the secondary scan used, as often Mammo and ultrasound can pick up skin thickening and tissue changes - so maybe the consultant will repeat mamo and ultrasound as first line again, or maybe as you had that before they will use that as baseline and move forward with MRI, its honestly hard to know.

    Punch biopsies/needle biopsies - now, I didn't have IBC so this is only based on what I've read - they seem to often take in some of the skin, or rather often do breast tissue and skin biopsy, on an IBC biopsy as the skin thickening is part of the condition and shows on the biopsy. It certainly can be done the same day and in the same appointment , my biopsy was ultrasound guided at a breast clinic. However, it depends on how the system is set up where you go for your appointment. IN the UK we have 'one stop' clinics where mammo, oncology appt and any further testing like biospies can be done at the same time. Mine, and most, are done with a local anaesthetic injection and then a radiographer (often using hand held ultrasound) will find where they want to take the biopsy and guide in a thick needle on a unit, which makes a big click and pulls out the thin tissue section. The thing you certainly do have to wait for is for pathology to view that biopsy tissue and make a report, which can take days to a couple of weeks. It could be that where you go for your appointment a biopsy needs a separate appointment. Its 'invasive' in the sense that it leaves you with a big bruise and pain, and of course there is always the minor possibility of infection, but its no biggy a test as such. (depending on how deep they go of course! Some much deeper tumours at the wall of the muscles and ribs need a different approach).

    However, I do think you are jumping the gun BIG TIME here, as there really does seem to be no evidence of anything untoward and we know that only 7 months ago you had a mammo and in the intervening period you had a physical check - I still maintain that by this time there would be definite and obvious large scale problems you would be experiencing with IBC, which you aren't.

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    Re: Breast pain

    Thank you once again for your time and thoughtfulness in responding. Will update after my appointment at end of week. Until then I will focus on breathing deeply, not hyper-checking, and staying present in the life around me.

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