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    Aching Arms

    Has anyone experienced severe aching arms on and off? Iíve had this for the past few months. I went through a lot last year with various symptoms but nothing major was found, it was so stressful so donít feel ready to go back to the doctors with this new issue. It feels like the start of the flu but feel fine other then the deep aching pains in my arms. Iím going through a stressful time with family at the minute but really donít think stress could cause this for so long.

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    Re: Aching Arms

    One of the most common things people don't notice they do with anxiety is tense their muscles. It can be significant, and borderline crippling.

    It's often a good idea to try and do some exercise (light) to trigger the body's natural post exercise happy/relaxant chemicals. Swimming, bit of yoga, random flailing about. You might be sleeping funny too.

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