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Thread: Sinus issues

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    Sinus issues

    This is more a general question- so as long as I can remember I haven't been able to smell. I've never mentioned to my doctor as it's always been apart of day to day life.

    In the last few months I've had horrible issues with my sinuses and been to the doctor a few times to get tablets and different sprays to help. Some helped more then hours yet after a few okay weeks it's all back again.

    I wake up nearly every morning with my sinus/nose blocked up and sometimes when I blow my nose I have blood come down the right side. I'm also having awful headaches/pressue behind my eyes- as well as neck pain alot. My eyes ache alot also.

    I'm just hoping this is a weather issue/ as it's been a rough enough winter and my body just hadn't had time to heal! I'm trying to keep calm and remind myself this no smell/these sinus issues doesn't mean a slow growing can*** or anything. Just feeling more exhausted by it all!

    I'm still using the nasal spray daily, I also try steaming my sinus area and using a wash!

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    Re: Sinus issues

    What is the nasal spray you’re using? Just wondering if you need a different one? I also struggle with sinus - I find using eucalyptus Epsom salts in a hot bath gives me some relief.

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    Re: Sinus issues

    Thanks for the reply Glassgirlw x it's like just a brand name medical one! I have to get it over the counter x It's horrid feeling isn't it ! I just lay down for a moment and my head feels so heavy !

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    Re: Sinus issues

    Yes I’m the same! I’m recovering from flu so I know that’s the cause for mine right now, but it’s extremely frustrating just the same!

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