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Thread: no more meds

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    no more meds

    Hi all I was on citolpram for 12 yrs and last year I had to come off it because it caused acquired long qt syndrome (basically effected my heart rhymn) and now my doctor refuses to give me anymore meds because they could be potentially fatal to me, I have to go down the therapy route and I suffer with agoraphobia any advice?

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    Re: no more meds

    Great opportunity to really fix the anxiety issues now!

    CBT would be particularly effective for agoraphobia, and meds are no more effective than other methods.

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    Re: no more meds

    The meds I'm on can cause long QT syndrome too. The no medication route is the ideal route to go down but you can nail it with therapy and self determination. The medication route is the easy way out. At some point everybody here who is on medication will reach a point where they have to stop. Most of us on here who are taking meds are just prolonging the inevitable. At some point the beast has to be fought. Can't keep him locked in a cage, eventually the beast will rage out of that cage.

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