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Thread: Sudden weird feeling in chest?

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    Sudden weird feeling in chest?

    I was just eating lunch and had a sudden weird feeling in my chest. My heart felt fluttery and my chest felt tight. Almost like my heart stopped. I tried to take my pulse and couldnít find it. It lasted about ten seconds then I started panicking and my heart started pounding and I couldnít breath.

    Was this a panic attack? the whole thing only lasted about 1 minute. Maybe itís something to do with not eating since last night?

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    Re: Sudden weird feeling in chest?

    Sounds like anxiety to me. If your heart actually stopped for 10 full seconds, you would know it. In fact, brain activity ceases in about ten seconds, your heart was fine, you were panicking and that is all there is to it.

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    Re: Sudden weird feeling in chest?

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