Hi guys.

Bit of history I have had a bad back for about 6 months with a new driving job I started but starting to get back in the gym to help. Just recently about 2 weeks ago my neck felt swollen like you have a head cold or infection with ear drum pain. When I wake up feels a little easier so went to the doctors as I had a lymphoma called Mycosis fungoides 5 years ago, he checked the throat coukdnt feel any swollen nodes or tongue etc so said it could be muscle problems due to the job. Sent me for blood tests which I'm waiting for the test for. Now I have been really stressed out by this and as you do start poking and prodding around my adams apple. When I push the sides in it pops, clicks and cracks. Sometimes if I turn my head and swallow I feel a pop of a muscle or something but the doc said it could be inflammation which the blood test should pick up. I'm really worried its a form of throat cancer but there's been no coughing up blood or coughing much, my throat does go dry a lot and the muscles feel very tender as I say it feel s like when you have a hear cold and its very tender etc. Iv read alot of posts saying it will rub, click, pop etc behind the Adams apple as its cartelige round there. There's a bit of pain when I push in but it could be as I mess a lot.