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    Anyone has success with herbal remedies or flower remedies?

    i suffered with anxiety a few years ago and took fluoxetine and had a course of CBT. Managed to wean off fluoxetine by December 2017 but have had a relapse over the last six months. Tried fluoxetine 10mg for 7 days but have given up today due to the horrendous side effects.
    i have now requested some more CBT sessions.
    I have been trying to read up on herbal remedies and Bach flower remedies.
    has anyone had any good help with anxiety from any of these products?
    Recently lost my job so don’t want to be wasting money on loads of things that are a complete waste of time!
    I have been trying to read up about St. John’s wort and 5- HTP.
    i am on blood pressure medication and a statin so I need to bear that in mind.
    thanks in advance to anyone willing to help
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