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Thread: Has anyone else seen this?

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    Re: Has anyone else seen this?

    Quote Originally Posted by ankietyjoe View Post
    The only thing to watch with fasting is that too long, too often and your body will start pumping out adrenaline. Sometimes I can feel a bit jittery after about 18-20 hours, but I can handle it now because I know what to expect. But yes, the key to fasting is autophagy. Digestion hammers your resources, and not having to digest allows all sorts of things to heal.
    I started out doing it every Monday. I'd fast the entire 24 hours. I slowly migrated to fasting daily.

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    Re: Has anyone else seen this?

    Once a week for 24 hours is likely to be fine I think. Your exposure is short lived, and fasting over about 18 hours is the most beneficial for autophagy.

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