Hi all, I am relatively new on here. I am 33 and from Glasgow. I have been an OCD sufferer most of my life with periods of anxiety and depression. I recently noticed your forum and decided to join.

My OCD returned last weekend. It has played up on me in the past in terms of panic attacks and anxiety about my health to a point where I feared a brain tumour if I got a migraine and self admitted to hospital fearing something cardiac if I had a panic attack.

The funny thing is I work for the NHS so I know I am not alone in terms of work friends battling this. I have also suffered depression in the past.

Recently my OCD has jumped on to a new topic to make me feel unease and tense. That is my sexuality. I am a heterosexual male and I only have interest in women that way but my anxiety is doubting if I am bisexual even though I do not have any feelings towards the same sex at all.

I find this has affected me at work and in my daily life as I feel it has made me tense and anxious.

I know some of you on here may have went through similar and I was just looking for some advice.

Thanks guys