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    Re: Big blip at airport

    Quote Originally Posted by SarahNah View Post
    Thank you so much for reply Carys ! Yeah you've made some good points- like I could be going about my day fine and suddenly I think about my heart rate and it will start pounding since I became hyperaware of it. I'm trying to remind myself my heart's just working with the movement, that it's suppose to- it's just scary sometimes! I'm trying to retrain myself and my mind to not fear it since it's just natural ! Thank you so much
    Thank you so much for the reply ! Yeah- I find I can be the same! I was probs just getting worked up trying to walk in the airport and got heated - but oh do I remember when I used to walk my family's down and it was all smooth going until I had to walk down hill come and even in the winter it was a total workout! Thanks again for the reply x

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    Re: Big blip at airport

    Really struggling today, I think I've got a cold/sinus infection coming. The fact I got a fever (can't tell what it is, just can feel it) is making me worry about a certain viruses given how in and out of the airport I am due to work and family and friends coming to visit. My heart been racing and jumping beats all day. Just trying to rest up and not panic

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