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Thread: Emetophobia taking over

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    Re: Emetophobia taking over

    Facing fears no matter what they are, is an achievement! Bagels are good! So thatís a win all round!

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    Re: Emetophobia taking over

    @Midnight-mouse, so true!! I'm repeating that to myself all day today

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    Re: Emetophobia taking over

    Sorry to post again on here, but I just need a place to get my thoughts out of my head.

    This weekend was a big weekend for exposure for me. Like I mentioned in my previous post, had some of the community food that was laid out in office despite there being a stomach bug hitting some people. Then later at happy hour I even ate some offered fries off of one of my coworkers plate who had the bug earlier this week.

    That made me pretty nervous but I knew I canít be afraid of little things like that forever, so I just did it. Felt kind of queasy yesterday but I think that was a mixture of not eating right yesterday, PMS, and nerves.

    Last night I took a big step for me and went out to dinner at a Korean BBQ place. I had initially thought my fears would be based in food poisoning, but itís sticking with the stomach bug. I washed my hands before eating, as we all got wings and thatís a messy hands on activity. But the seating is at these big community style tables where thereís bottles of sauces, condiments, etc. in the middle that you just grab and use while eating. I KNEW that was going to set off something in me, but I really wanted to get back to the days when I was able to just enjoy a dinner out with friends and not panic about the consequences. So I grabbed onto a bottle of sauce I wanted and then kept eating with my hands afterwards (did this a few times because the sauce was very good).

    I know people do this all the time at restaurants with ketchup bottles and salt shakers, and Iím probably going to be fine, and I know that even if I do catch something Iíll be fine, and Iím proud of myself for doing it. But now the panic has set in. Iím so mad at myself for not holding the bottle with a napkin, as that was the safer thing to do, but I really wanted to get back to my old mindset and way of things. But now I think thatís not worth it. But thereís nothing I can do now.

    To make matters worse, Iím PMSing so cramping and queasiness has been hitting all weekend, and Iím of course freaking out about that. I have therapy tomorrow night and my dad is coming to visit on Tuesday and all Iím picturing is me getting sick in the middle of therapy, or even worse getting sick when my dadís here and weíre hanging out or out at a restaurant and I just ruin everything.

    All I want to do is hibernate in bed today, but we have gorgeous weather and I made brunch plans with some friends earlier this week that I now regret. I donít want to do another exposure thing today, but I know I would regret it more if I didnít go (a friend is visiting from out of town), so Iím going to make myself get out of bed and do it.

    Sorry for the long post. I think I mostly just needed to get the thoughts out of my head and into the world. I was really caught up in them last night and couldnít sleep, so I thought writing them down here would help.

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    Re: Emetophobia taking over

    I have had many emetophobic episodes throughout my life and it absolutely crippled me between the ages of 14 and 17. Although I don't wish to tempt fate by admitting this, I haven't actually vomited since August 1988 (when I was 11) and I used to get terrible fits of hysteria if another person chucked up within the same premises, even if it was in another room or outside in the garden/car park. I am generally a lot better nowadays at coping with anything pertaining to vomiting, though it still gives me the willies a fair bit, especially if there is constant talk of Norovirus in the news at the time.

    I personally believe that it may not necessarily be just the oft-unpleasant act of vomiting itself that scares people witless, it's the thought of losing control of one's self, coupled with the stigma and shame often associated with it, especially as many of us have become conditioned into being intensely repulsed by other people vomiting in close proximity, and the fear of causing a major upheaval (no pun intended), particularly as vomit causes a mess, and in many instances an almighty pong, and the vomiting person inadvertently causing mass upset and panic, often through no fault of their own. There have (dare I say it) even been instances where children have been reprimanded and severely punished for vomiting and other toileting-related mishaps, (though thankfully fewer and far between nowadays as most people have supposedly become more civilised and better educated) which must have traumatised the poor souls from a very young age, which would quite rightly be considered acts of child abuse today.

    I often wonder as to whether Norovirus has always actually existed, or if there is simply just more awareness of it now than ever before and the press and people on social media, etc, obviously hyping a lot of it up. Especially as vomiting and stomach bugs are as old as mankind itself.

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