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Thread: Supplements and meds question

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    Supplements and meds question

    Hi all,

    I am currently on the highest dose - 375mg venlafaxine along with 200mg quetiapine and 30mg mirtazapine. I知 still suffering a moderate amount of anxiety and mild depression since increasing the venlafaxine 4 weeks ago and am trying to think of other ways I can improve things apart from exercise and eating healthier which I知 already trying my best to do.

    I currently take a B complex Vitamin which also contains vit D and Magnesium Citrate, Omega 3 and N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC). I have heard of a supplement called SAMe and wondering if anyone has experience of taking this along with medication and if it helps?

    Jo x

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    Re: Supplements and meds question

    Never heard of that sorry..... but just a reminder for future reference that if you are taking SSRI's then you are not meant to take anything with st johns wort or valerian root in it (I know you aren't but just thought i would mention it)
    Emmz xx

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