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    Does anyone know if your heart rate is higher while standing versus laying down? I know initially ones heart rate is supposed to rise upon standing but does it stay elevated? When lying down my heart rate is anywhere from 76-84. When standing it is anywhere from 96-104 and it doesn't go down from there until I sit down or lie down. Fingers crossed this is normal. Would love to hear if anyone else is the same way.

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    I don’t measure my heart rate anymore, I find it causes me to obsess over every little fluctuation. But yes, I can tell that my heart rate is higher when standing vs laying down. I think that’s how it’s supposed to work though? It’s always lower when in a “resting” state.

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    Yes it's normal.

    Stop checking, it'll only cause higher heartrates overall.

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    Thank you both for your responses. I'm going to try to stop checking. I'm currently fearful I have POTS so I've been checking non-stop all week.

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    Have it checked out by a Doctor if you need to, but once they give you the all clear then stop thinking about it and stop checking.

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