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    Social Anxiety Takeover

    My anxiety has evolved over the years - the last couple have seen me riddled with social anxiety and a genuine fear of being free, open and close to people. I actively go into social settings with an internal fight of wanting to be myself and not appearing any different but I donít want people to like me too much so I dull my personality - I mustnít be too funny etc. Itís the worst feeling because I care so much and I wish I could be the best friend to everyone but I have overcompensated and juggled too much in the past and itís overwhelmed me. I have this feeling that I will fail my friends if I try and take on more and more because I carry every woe and responsibility of others on my shoulders and I canít actually cope (pathetic, huh?) so itís best to keep distant. I share nothing in my life with friends, I donít feel I have my own personality (I mould to my surroundings) or feel strong enough as a character to know how to act naturally where there is constant communication so itís a waste of their time - I feel fraudulent. Iím also such a worrier, I feel a burden if I was actually real all the time. I donít know why this has taken over so much but itís always there. I canít just be and I would do anything to just be me. Any guidance would be so so appreciated, I literally canít turn to anyone because of my above reasons.

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    Re: Social Anxiety Takeover


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    Re: Social Anxiety Takeover

    You can fight for it, instead of thinking of that try to divert attention, think and feel that makes you happy. Start with your hobby, what do you do with your family or friend on your spare time.

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