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    ISO any tips for panic attacks while traveling

    First time posting here, so Iíll try to keep it simple. Iíve had anxiety and panic attacks for about 12 years, as far as I can tell I donít necessarily have any triggers. I love to travel (local, 2-4 hour road trip type things) and usually do it for concerts or events, but my anxiety has really hindered it. I canít count the amount of events Iíve missed because I get so anxious about a possible panic attack.

    My anxiety is mostly centered around getting scared I WILL have a panic attack in an unfamiliar place and I wonít be able to get help, or something along those lines. I know anxiety doesnít deal in logic so I canít rationalize this idea. I donít have anxiety re: actually traveling, more that once Iím out of my comfort zone I will have a full blown panic attack because like I said I donít seem to have any triggers itís completely at random.

    Iím hoping someone has some tips for if and when I do get that panic attack and get totally in my head that Iím going to die in a strange state, etc. I know panic attacks donít cause death but Iím sure everyone on here understands that it feels like that in the moment. Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: ISO any tips for panic attacks while traveling


    By far the best thing you can do is deliberately expose yourself to anxiety when you're out somewhere relatively local and just let it happen. It's the attempted avoidance of anxiety that's actually the biggest problem, not the anxiety itself. Next time you have one, keep telling yourself you KNOW it's not dangerous, that it's not going to kill you etc. These are called mantra's and they are incredibly effective over time. It takes practice, but accepting anxiety is at the core of all the most successful treatments like CBT. The mistake most people make is trying to find a way to stop panic attacks, and you can't. The paradox is that once you start accepting them, they will become less and less frequent and eventually happen rarely, if at all.

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