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Thread: Twitching Elbow

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    Twitching Elbow

    Ugh! Something else. I'll just get to the facts:

    Three days ago I had random twitches in my forearm. Large movement.

    Since then, I've had sporadic twitching around my elbow. It's kind of hard to describe, but it's in this little groove on the outside of the arm, right above the pointed part of the elbow. I think there's a muscle that starts in that groove. If I don't focus on the matter, but randomly check it, it maybe goes a couple times. Other times I can feel an "episode" coming on and immediately look and see it jumping like crazy. It seems something that really works that area hard like playing a video game can bring on the episodes.

    I appreciate that twitching alone is not supposed to mean anything...although just today I read of a Star Trek actor that has *** and the article only mentioned he noticed muscle twitches...

    I cannot currently notice any weakness. When I check both elbows in the mirror, it is apparent the area that twitches is smaller and dented from less muscle mass. Pretty much all muscles on that arm are larger than the other except that area. That's what really worries me.

    On top of this, that whole arm kind of feels tight and off. I know feelings have nothing to do with *** but I cannot stop thinking about the twitch and smaller muscle area. I know a lack of weakness is good, but what would an elbow muscle cause issues with? Would an elbow flexor muscle show issues in my hands or how would I evaluate weakness for that muscle?

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    Re: Twitching Elbow

    I read that article too. Crazy how they casually mention it

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    Re: Twitching Elbow

    Iíve been twitching sporadically for 15 months now . Still absolutely petrified if I am honest . But I do deep down believe itís nothing to worry about

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