Note: I've always had ED because of anxiety. In my teens it was hit or miss if my junk would stand up long enough to have sex. Especially with new partners. Masturbation was never an issue.

Then came viagra and all the rest. I could then get it up - but crossing that line became difficult. 30+ minutes was normal, and iffy. Masturbation was never an issue - 15 min done.

Strike 01: I've been on Propecia for 14 years.. I noticed a significant decrease in sexual interest after starting.. But it was okay, because I was compulsive before.. I felt Propecia reduced to me to a 'normal' sex drive.. and saved me a lot of problems.

Strike 02: I've been on Xanax for the last 18 months, a low dose (0.25mg 3x a day) - this keeps me a little sedated and it takes a bit more effort to get worked up mentally. I've gone from masturbating daily to maybe once every two weeks.

Strike 03: My doctor put me on Lexapro 10mg.. This completely resolved most of my anxiety issues (magic) but further reduced my sex drive and my ability to cross. With a new partner I'd say my chances of orgasm are 1 in 5 or 1 in 10.... With a long-term friends with benefits partner I haven't been able to have an orgasm in over a year. Also - the combination of Xanax and Lexapro the Viagra sometimes works, sometimes doesn't or sometimes will only work for a few min, or not work for many hours after.... But that could be because I'm getting off-label meds.

I also now have to take a 50mg of Xanax just to masturbate... So I know it's either the Lexapro or Xanax that's killing my drive.

I've tried adding zinc, lifting weights, exercising, my prolactin is 14, and my testosterone is 550... I shouldn't have any issues...

I bought some Dostinex but am nervous to use it.

What would you do?

1. Come off the Xanax slowly and see how I feel just on the Lexapro
2. Cut down on Lexapro from 10mg to 5mg daily - would this have any effect?
3. On the weekends skip my Lexapro dose on Saturday or Sunday - I've read some people do this... But I thought it had a long half life.
4. Try some kind of supplements? Or switch SSRIs? I'm afraid to switch because Lexpro works so damn well for my anxiety.

Coming off propecia isn't an option as I've read many people come off, lose their hair and still don't ever regain their sex drive.. So - may as well just keep on it.