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    Permanent Anxious State

    Hi all!

    Is anyone, it has anyone ever been in a permanent anxious state? If so, do you have any tips to break the cycle, even if just temporarily?

    My anxiety fluctuates from a 4/10 to a 10/10 all day, and is becoming intolerable?

    What are the best methods of tricks you have found to give yourself a bit of breathing space?



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    Re: Permanent Anxious State

    1) Try and identify the things that cause you stress (everybody has them) and either remove them or reduce them.

    2) Accept this is where you are right now (yes, it's hard), but you cannot make it stop quickly.

    3) Meditate (also hard), twice a day. Research what mediation actually is, it's not a relaxation tool and doesn't require you to 'empty your mind'.

    4) Let it pass, because it will eventually.

    5) Ignore it, and it'll go away (see 4).

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    Re: Permanent Anxious State

    Hi mate, hope you're good.

    It's odd, because I can just be sat watching tele and my anxiety is just racing up and down.
    I don't know how it's come to this.

    I did mindfulness last night. I'm doing an online course that teaches me, but it just throws up bad thoughts, and then they don't leave.

    It's like I'm just in the middle of the ocean getting smashed around by waves, it's really getting to me this time. As far as triggers go, it's just my own wandering mind I think. Nothing can change in my circumstances or what I'm doing, and it just revs up.

    Luckily I'm always better at night, and tend to sleep OK, apart from that, I'm in a tangle.

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