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    Is this DP or something else?

    Never experienced this before but itís been hanging over me now for a few weeks, it feels like I am just trapped in my head or something, living in my own wee world while everything else goes on around me. Iím at the stage where I have just passed caring about pretty much everything, I feel horrible yes but just donít care anymore, it is what it is and seems like there is nothing I can do to get out of it. There are no real emotions any more, no highs no lows, Iím just sort of emotionless. And nope not on meds. I just sort of float through life. Almost like being on marijuana with no Fcuks given. I donít like it though. I just want my old self back.

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    Re: Is this DP or something else?

    Hello, I know this is an old post but I havenít logged on here for ages, how are you doing now? What you have described definitely sounds like DP/DR to me, I have DP/DR disorder and when it was really bad I felt like I was stuck in my head too, I think it because of overthinking / constantly checking how you feel and what you are thinking, what helped me was forcing myself to socialise with other people (a bit harder at the moment with the restrictions). Also, I have issues with feeling emotions, sometimes I can be over emotional but most the time I find it hard to feel certain emotions, for example I know I love certain people but I find it hard to feel that love and then when people/pets have died, even though they meant very much to me I couldnít real feel sad and barely cried. Anyway I hope you are ok

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