So, yesterday was a horrible day, my mom had a surgery my nerves were through the roof, I was having massive anxiety all day, I felt awful, wore me out badly. Even though everything went ok. For the last week or so I thought I was coming down with something, that seemed to go away but the last 3 days I've felt hot, like if I touch my skin it feels warm to me, I feel like theres a heater blowing on my face sometimes, but I do not have a temperature and when someone else feels my skin it doesnt feel hot to them, now I know I have heat sensitivity ever since my extreme fatigue started 2 years ago, but this doesnt feel exactly like that.

Anyway, last night I was only able about sleep about 90 minutes before we were supposed to see my mom at the hospital, I woke up and felt better than expected, but I was sitting on my bed and suddenly the back of my felt hot, felt a heat rush go up and I started getting very woozy liek I was gonna faint, I got up, went to the kitchen and it subsided quickly, but all day since I have felt absolutely awful. I was able to sleep about 3 hours at the hospital, but still I have no energy, balance off, eyes messing, stomach pain off and on all day, my hiatal hernia spot is acting up a ont, I havent had the horrible woozyness quite so much, but I have felt like it could happen again if I wasnt careful. Whats even weirder is that its worse sitting than standing. Can fatigue cause this? Can you almost pass out just from fatigue, I shouldnt have been hungry or dehydrated. The heat feeling all over my body is bugging me too