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Thread: Pregnant cat advice please....

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    Pregnant cat advice please....

    Was browsing through the forum and come across this area for pets, so I thought Id put it here to see if anyone could give me any advice.

    I have fostered over 200 cats over the years and have recently last October adopted 2 of them. One male and one female at 9 months old.

    The lady who I adopted them off said that the girl had been fixed but the boy hadnt.

    I have 4 other girls which have been fixed so wasnt in a rush to have the male done as he doesn't go outdoors.
    The female is extremely fluffy and it was only 4 days ago that I noticed she is heavily pregnant although being told she had been fixed and the vet said there was no way of telling if she had or not.
    Surely they would have been able to feel missing reproductive parts etc

    Anyway there isn't much I can do about it now and I cant believe I hadn't noticed until now!
    My mind has drawn a complete blank and cant remember how many days they are away from giving birth from when milk has started to come through the teats which I noticed milk on Wednesday. I would ask my sister in law but they are away in Spain on holiday.
    So just wondered if anyone has any experience of cats and pregnancy and they would happen to know.
    Poor girl is fit to burst!


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    Re: Pregnant cat advice please....

    You got anywhere in the next week and a half
    I'm still a work in progress.
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    Re: Pregnant cat advice please....

    Quote Originally Posted by AntsyVee View Post
    You got anywhere in the next week and a half
    I will have to keep a close eye on her then.

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    Re: Pregnant cat advice please....

    I'm looking for some trusted links for you, Cass

    i dont know if this link is one to trust but thought i include it anyways
    Beauty (12th August 2007 - 3rd November 2008 )
    Dylan (4th November 2008 - 23rd March 2012)
    Tom (29th August 2014 - 17th October 2014)
    Ebony (1st January 2014 - 2nd March 2018)
    Tigger (31st October 2014 - current)
    Willow (3rd November 2018 - current)

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