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    Magical thinking problem please read

    I havenít been here in awhile I been working on my anxiety and have a new therapist. I was bored and took a celebrity lookalike thing and one of the actresses I got I know died of cancer years ago. I looked up pics of her to make sure it wasnít true and I donít look like her but Iím worried I do and now my magical thinking is making me worry Iím gonna die y
    of cancer the way she. I also noticed she was diagnosed with the cancer in the month and year I was born which made my magical thinking worse and make me feel like it meant something. Now Iím scared even though it donít make sense Iím very afraid I havenít got a appointment with my therapist this week when I go I will tell her my worries but right now Iím freaking out with magical thinking. Anyone have any advice

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    Re: Magical thinking problem please read

    It isn't possible. It's as 'simple' as that.

    Take a step back and think about it logically; thinking something, looking at something, searching something... none of it can make something physically happen in the way that you are worried about. The fact that she was diagnosed with cancer in the month and year you were born bears no relevance to you or your health; many many things will have happened during that period - some probably awful things, and no doubt some absolutely bizarre and amazing things - but they do not affect you and will not affect you.

    If you look like this person, then take that as a cool little tidbit and nothing else. Maybe even own it and show someone how much you and she lookalike, but enjoy it for what it is and think no more about it.

    Also think of this: what will telling your therapist achieve? I mean, obviously tell him/her and discuss it - don't withhold information - but your therapist has absolutely no influence on whether someone else's misfortune means anything for you in the way you are concerned, just as you do not.

    As I type this to you, I am getting my own intrusive thoughts about if whether I do or do not include some information will harm a loved one. Does it make me anxious? Yes. Does it make me feel unpleasant? Yes. Is there any reality to the thoughts? Absolutely not.

    Think about what I have said and try to accept the thoughts instead of assigning too much responsibility on yourself and the worries about the 'what ifs.'

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