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    Feeling Angry / Irritated

    Hi Guys,

    Been feeling really angry / irritated the last few weeks, the smallest of things just flares up anger from within and just random outbursts and rants on small things I wouldnt even usually bother to rise to sort of thing.

    I have been reducing my meds from 40mg>20m>0 the last few months and Im trying my best not to relate it back to meds and run back to them like a security blanket but hoping this will pass.

    Anyone else had similar experiences etc?

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    Re: Feeling Angry / Irritated

    I can relate in that the depression and "scanxiety" I suffered after cancer manifested itself into irritability. It would usually come on a few weeks ahead of checkups (every 3 months for the 1st two years). I knew things were getting to me when I got irritable. I had a chill pill I could take as well as non-SSRI that really helped.

    Was that a symptom prior to meds? Regardless, yeah, if you're reducing and going off meds, the symptoms and ramifications can vary including irritability.

    Positive thoughts
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    Re: Feeling Angry / Irritated

    I have had anxiety that presented itself in this way many times that had gotten so bad at times that I couldn’t stand to be around my own self.

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    Re: Feeling Angry / Irritated

    Thanks guys sorry for delay with all the mayhem in the world atm. Hopefully your all well and safe

    Ive managed to stay off them and keep thinking positive and trying to tell myself any niggles and the anger and irritability is just the removal of meds

    Dont get me wrong I havent done it the correct way I hold my hands up to it. I did try to almost stop completely last year and then realised its not that simple so spoke with Doc and went from 40>20mg of the paroxetine but ran out and was a mix up with dr and pharmacy and left me almost a week without and was just like meh lets just go for it.

    Just feel like stress and some proper shortness and anger creeping in especially at work just now and thoughts of falling off or having a breakdown just general little niggles creeping in but I have been on the meds now for 4 years and I just wanted to hit the goal of not relying on them anymore.
    They have brought me along way from the start where I was out of work could barely go out drinking and smoking heavily to a good job, 4 stone off, sober and smoke and now vape free but its the last hurdle and getting passed the anger, im hoping it is the meds tbh and soon Ill get back to normal flow med free.

    I ended up inadvertently picking some up last night whilst doing a care run for grans stuff so have them there now think them being there like a wee placebo might keep me strong enough to keep going without.

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