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Thread: Small steps to success

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    Small steps to success

    If anyone wants to know
    Im getting the help i so needed desperately needed.
    The therapy has helped tons but im still working on myself.

    I also want to apologize for my poor behavior on here i found so hard to control my emotions and i was shocked to look back at the hurtful things i said to people it was like i completely changed.
    It wasnt who i am as a person.
    Just a girl who found it hard to regulate her mind in a healthy way.

    I was immature but ive learnt from it and sometimes you need tough love.
    So to everyone who frequently read my posts even when i was being rude thank you so much because your attention was what i was craving for so desperately but now ive learnt that doing that wasnt beneficial to my mental health.

    Special thank you to
    Blue iris
    Ankiety joe
    Kk7 (think i spelt it wrong)
    And i cant think off the top of my head but i'll thank you personally when i see from you

    Hope you all have a wonderful day and stay safe❤❤

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    Re: Small steps to success

    Aw, Delilah, you're okay. Glad to hear you're doing a little better now
    ************************************************** ********
    Sometimes, it's better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness. - Terry Pratchett

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    Re: Small steps to success

    Oh Delilah this is lovely to read. Wishing you all the very best x

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    Re: Small steps to success

    So good to hear! And I hope very inspirational to others. You were really bad there for awhile, and you just show with work and effort, you can turn your thinking around.
    I'm still a work in progress.
    Currently working on: World Domination

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    Re: Small steps to success

    Thank you guys!
    Im really glad you could still be here to listen to me yap on hehe.

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    Re: Small steps to success

    Such a great post to read !!!!

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    Re: Small steps to success

    Very pleased for you, Delilah. Keep up the good work and May the Force be with you

    Never Surrender, Comrade

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