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    High calprotectin levels. Worried.

    Hi everyone

    Iím hoping somebody can put my mind at rest a little. Recently Iíve been suffering with what I can only describe as a knotting sensation/dull ache under my left rib cage along with orange mucus on my stool, Iíve suffered with constipation for years and have grown to accept thatís just the way my bowels are... TMI sorry!
    Anyway my doctor requested a full blood count of which came back all clear, she also requested a calprotectin test which came back high, I had one done a month ago which got lost but then miraculously turned up with the high one and this test came back as normal?! she said it looked like I may have IBD and she was going to refer me to a gastroenterologist. A few hours later she called me back and said she just thought it was constipation and I should take laxatives but she would still refer me to a gastroenterologist.
    Obviously I am worried, I suffer badly with health anxiety and I am left feeling so down over all this as Iím fearing I may have something terribly wrong with me like ibd or bowel cancer.
    Itís driving me nuts...has anyone been in this situation before or can anyone give me any advice. Iíve just turned 40 and feel like I am falling apart 😢

    Thank you in advance 😊

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    Re: High calprotectin levels. Worried.

    Hi I had high calprotectin and was referred for a colonoscopy was having blood and mucus stools, change in bowel habit and some mild pain. The colonoscopy revealed mild inflammation and they took biopsies which all came back normal the gastroenterologist said it was constipation I now have movicol everyday which helps but I still have issues sometimes if I dont drink enough water and exercise hope this puts your mind at rest a little 🙂

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    Re: High calprotectin levels. Worried.

    Thank you P1ckle for your reply, hopefully Iíll get my appointment through soon.
    Dr Google really isnít helpful is he 🙄

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